The Open Science Platform of Universities Austria

What is OSA – Open Science Austria?

Open Science Austria (OSA) is an interdisciplinary stakeholder platform under the umbrella of the Austrian University Conference uniko, which is dedicated to the topic of Open Science. It is supported by the universities, but reaches far beyond them in terms of its members and its orientation.

Goals and Tasks

OSA helps its members keep track of the diverse, extensive, and rapidly evolving national and international initiatives and strategic papers. OSA prepares these for universities and the community, enabling them to participate early in the discourse. It is important that decision makers, researchers and all others involved in the research process who do not have the time and opportunity to study Open Science issues in depth receive important information on developments in order to form an informed view as a basis for decision making.

How we work

Various committees and tools ensure that OSA can work effectively and efficiently. The central steering committee is the Steering Board. A high-level Sounding Board will support OSA by providing input and feedback on issues, documents and content. In addition, OSA will set up temporary working groups on specific topics and tasks to deal with concrete issues related to Open Science on a strategic and operational level. The OSA Community is of central importance – OSA sees itself as a communicative hub for the stakeholder community, which extends far beyond the universities. The goal is networking and exchange with scientific institutions on the topic of Open Science.
OSA provides a blog as a forum for dialog.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Open Science Austria to facilitate its members’ overview of developments in the core topics of Open Science and thus enable them to participate in the discourse at an early stage.

Decision makers are thereby supported to make good and informed decisions and to put Open Science in synergy with other central tasks and requirements of research institutions, especially universities.


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2023-11-09 Events
Unlocking the Value of Knowledge: ERA SYMPOSIUM 2023/ OSA Community Day 2023
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