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Action Plan Supporting CoARA


Science Europe remains committed to contributing to the Coalition and its objectives and will continue to support the global reform of research assessment processes through a variety of activities, as detailed in this Year 1 action plan, which has now been published.


Open Access as the standard in science


Following the conclusion of the DEAL agreements with Wiley, Springer-Nature and, for the first time, Elsevier, the scientific community now has the opportunity to use the time available to it in the coming years to shape the future of Open Access in a sustainable way, says Roland Bertelmann of the Helmholtz Open Science Office.

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cOAlition S: Feedback Survey „Towards Responsible Publishing“


cOAlition S recently published the document “Towards Responsible Publishing”: Towards Responsible Publishing | Plan S ( With this document, COAlition S would like to start a discussion process around the topic of scholarly communication and invites you to participate in the following feedback survey: “Towards Responsible Publishing”: Early feedback survey ( . The deadline for the survey is Wednesday, 29 November 2023 at 23:59 CET.

Further information can also be found in the blog post Introducing the “Towards Responsible Publishing” proposal from cOAlition S | Plan S ( and in the following article: Open-access reformers launch next bold publishing plan (

Palomera Survey in Open Access Book Policies


Academic books continue to play an important role in scholarly production, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. Nevertheless, academic books have not been a focal point for open access policy-makers so far. PALOMERA is an EU-funded project that addresses this challenge. (More information:

This survey is a contribution to an extensive collection of data on the needs, obstacles and challenges of policy-making for open access books. Based on the evidence given by the survey results, PALOMERA will provide actionable recommendations for the development of open access book policies on the European, national and institutional level. By taking part in this survey, you are making a contribution to the research needed to speed up the transformation of the book market to open access.

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